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    thanks skelly... how do i edit this lol
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    AL - Sometime in August.September
    PL cap - Probably tomorrow
    SL cap - July I think!
    Bug event - 25-29th June
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    i has snapdragon!
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    Rawrimafish- AWWW YEA!!!!
    Updated 04-22-2012 at 05:14 PM by Rawrimafish
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    Ty i got both
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    your welcome
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    I was blogged!
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    I did not make this. Commanderkeen did.
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    lol BBQ thongs
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    were or wear? just noticed it after a LONG time
    EDIT: Ill try edit it
    EDIT: I edited it
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    O.O that embarrasing lol
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    and it's tongs, you wear thongs on you feet lol
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    gj but put the dotd items in another section to avoid confusion