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OverkillED: Overkill, Kabob, and Other Toons

This is about all my toons and status updates.

  1. I guess this is the end..

    Not of my blog, but my legacy. I've had fun playing this game since December 25, 2010 and seeing myself grow in maturity and the game grow in content as well. I'll miss all friends who played with me and even my enemies that I killed constantly.

    Here I'll post the full story of why I got banned. Honestly it's very unfair.

    I was PvPing on Gfscrub (my 30) and met a level 22 fox that went by the name Fastnblack. He was a super nice guy so I taught him the triple fox combo ...
  2. Back from a Break!

    Wow sorry I took a break from blogging simply because I had not much to blog about. For those who read Status Update #5, I did get the hate set that I wanted but sold it 2 days later. It's not as good as I thought it would be for PvP. Sure, I could beat quite a few sewer bears, but those glyph nubs don't take me seriously! xD

    Oh well, I didn't level my 23 bear to 51, I used some random behr alt that was already 51. Meh. Well so far I started leveling a fox last weekend, and unfortunately ...
  3. Newwwwww Mage :D

    Well I think I'm done with 23 bear because mages are awfully overpowered at this level but fun otherwise so I started a 23 mage! Here's a last pic of my behr for you guys! I've been really busy with IRL and trying to keep my dad calm since his motorcycle accident. Unfortunately he gets short term memory loss occasionally and he is easily agitated. Other than that I've been pretty good.

    Name:  Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 9.59.34 PM.png
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    Well anyways guys my 23 mage owwwwwns I love it! ...
  4. Mah 23 Behr...

    Ok guys, here's my super smexy bear.

    Name:  Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 4.35.56 PM.png
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    Name:  Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 4.36.21 PM.png
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    Name:  Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 4.37.00 PM.png
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    It's super fun. xD
  5. My PL Story

    Quote Originally Posted by OverkillED View Post
    Alright, so this is my story about my experience of Pocket Legends.

    It was the Christmas of 2010 and my parents got me an iPad. I looked through a book "iPad for Dummies" or something like that, and saw Pocket Legends. It looked pretty awesome, so it was the first app I ever downloaded. I decided to try it out. I chose to make a bear and the random name generator picked a name, and I tweaked it with random letters to make Kopekai. This was just the beginning of my adventures
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