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Status Updates!

These are updates about what's been going on for me in Pocket Legends. (And maybe a little irl)

  1. I guess this is the end..

    Not of my blog, but my legacy. I've had fun playing this game since December 25, 2010 and seeing myself grow in maturity and the game grow in content as well. I'll miss all friends who played with me and even my enemies that I killed constantly.

    Here I'll post the full story of why I got banned. Honestly it's very unfair.

    I was PvPing on Gfscrub (my 30) and met a level 22 fox that went by the name Fastnblack. He was a super nice guy so I taught him the triple fox combo ...
  2. Status Update #5!

    Well guys it's time for another status update! I've done quite a bit since Status Update #4. My dad is doing alright. (woot!) Spring Break at my school just ended and I'd like to say that I had fun and wished it was longer. D:
    3rd quarter also ended and I got one B and the rest A's. Since I've got an Asian mum, she wasn't all that pleased but said that I should get all A's in the last quarter of the 7th grade. Oh well. Here's the status update on my twinks, toons, my main, gear, etc.
    Status Updates!
  3. Ermagerd (and a Status Update #2)

    Hey guys,

    I've been banned for a week and just came back and I'm sorry for not being able to update my blog for you all. There'll be more on my blog to come, but here's a status update.

    What I've Done Since Status Update #1
    • Got banned
    • Returned to Pocket Legends
    • Deleted my level 17 mage
    • Sold my death set

    The thing is, level 50 PvP got seriously boring for me. There's just not enough people there to make it fun, so I decided to remake a ...
  4. Status Update #1!

    So, this is my first status update! This is a short list of things I did since my first blog post:

    • Made a 22 fox twink
    • Respecced my voodoo to a pally (old style ftw!)
    • Sold most of my Kabob twink gear
    • Accumulated 1million gold for the first time! (and spent it on a sentinel shotgun set)
    • Made a merching character

    Lastly, this is one of my favorite costumes on my L. 50 Mage, OverkillDexComment on your opinions on it and I'll try putting together more ...
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