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  1. Level 50 PvP - OverkillDex

    The level 50 community is lacking people! Most people are 51 or 56! I'd say face a challenge and try level 50 PvP. It's getting a little lonely. Here's a picture of my sentinel shotgun mage (KDR trashed because 56s )

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    Oooh.. The sparkles! Level 50 PvP is a bit challenging. Hope this inspires you guys to make one!

    Love you all!
  2. Status Update #1!

    So, this is my first status update! This is a short list of things I did since my first blog post:

    • Made a 22 fox twink
    • Respecced my voodoo to a pally (old style ftw!)
    • Sold most of my Kabob twink gear
    • Accumulated 1million gold for the first time! (and spent it on a sentinel shotgun set)
    • Made a merching character

    Lastly, this is one of my favorite costumes on my L. 50 Mage, OverkillDexComment on your opinions on it and I'll try putting together more ...
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  3. Woohoo! My first blog!

    Alright guys, so this is just my first blog entry eva! Bear with me for status updates, new toons, and more stuff to come! My IGNs are OverkillDex, TheCheekyness, OverkillMage, BearKabob, PenguinKabob, BananaKabob, and OverkillMerch!

    Updated 03-05-2013 at 03:45 AM by OverkillED

    OverkillED: Overkill, Kabob, and Other Toons
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