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  1. Dev sightings! Pics!

    Quote Originally Posted by Buubuuftw View Post
    Name:  2011-12-11 20.01.56.jpg
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Size:  99.6 KB ahhh the glare!
    Name:  2011-12-11 20.02.56.jpg
Views: 326
Size:  100.2 KB droids in the top right corner
    Name:  2011-12-11 20.10.54.jpg
Views: 332
Size:  97.9 KB DOG PILE!
    Name:  2011-12-11 20.11.02.jpg
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Size:  99.5 KB *sniff sniff* awww
    Name:  2011-12-11 20.11.15.jpg
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Size:  97.8 KB
    Name:  2011-12-11 19.55.56.jpg
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Size:  101.2 KB another one of his "malfunctions"

    I saw a few forum members too somewhere in the pics! I think WE was there too.