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  1. Cahaun's Avatar
    Maybe a grate in B*?
  2. razerfingers's Avatar
    #1 issue that turned me away from sl... the ammount of time it takes to gain enough credits to support one character but i have like 7-10 lol or somethin like that, there needs to be less greedy people too in the cs just sayin...
  3. Cahaun's Avatar
    Maybe at the end of each match there is a bonus prize based on kills/scores, winning, full match completion. Also I'd like player deployed traps (shooting oil cans or electricity and water barrels for a shocking suprise. One more thing: how about some enemies like pirates or Redbeard, vular ambushes, Scorn paratroopers.
  4. Cahaun's Avatar
    If you want to be bit even more go to Camp Chief Little Turtle (BSA summer camp) near Ft. Wayne, Indiana. I remember when I once went there: the first thing I was told was "Welcome to mosquito hell"
  5. Skeletonlord's Avatar
    wow Zaltiar it looks as if it would be awesome up there! I'd love to go Australia or Italy.
  6. Engelhard's Avatar
    last time I went to Mexico the Mosquitos were so big... they cams out at dawn and would nearly carry you away....had to hurry inside or be attacked
  7. Engelhard's Avatar
    awesome have fun on vacation. I am going to cancun Mexico and las Vegas this year
  8. Zaltiar's Avatar
    Hehe daintree and the great barrier reef were absolutely ....well my mind=blown. For some reason mozzies seem to love my blood :/, even with a handful of repellant, I still get a few bites here and there. They bite me through my clothes, goodness, persistant lil buggers heh.
    yah bro I haven't been on sl lately, just got back to sydney couple o'hours ago. 5 day bike ride...can u say...bum blisters? xD jkjk have a blast bro! And ill see you soon
  9. Trollee's Avatar
    I love Cairns and the Daintree (: but Aeroguard is a absolute necessity! I'm on holidays myself, thats why I havn't seen ya in game and why I'm still level 38 (eeep!). 5 day bike ride from Wangaratta to Bright (north-east Vic), and it is so exhausting that I fall asleep before even thinking about SL lol. Nevertheless, I'm sure I'll be seeing you noobs early next year. I love Uni, we get lik 4 months holidays
  10. Fatpigwarrior's Avatar
    Liking Australia? Mozzies are bad, they r in my room at Perth!!
  11. Draopwnzall's Avatar
  12. Zaltiar's Avatar
    Ohhh yeah, my socks were soaked with blood at the back, lol I didn't even feel it though. Leeches aren't that bad, I mean they use them for medical purposes :9
  13. Piosidon's Avatar
    I went to China for vacation once and got 20 bites within the first day
  14. Draopwnzall's Avatar
    Omg, leeches!
  15. Piosidon's Avatar
    I rarely play SL but for me, my 14 commando is decent at pvp
  16. Zaltiar's Avatar
    Just gotta be patient . If you're not in states it could take a few weeks or so
  17. Fatpigwarrior's Avatar
    I ordered iPod case 1-2 week ago, it hasn't came, but this is awesome
  18. Zaltiar's Avatar
    haha yeah, i got the black "Tank" Tshirt a couple of months ago actually :P
  19. Ellyidol's Avatar
    Nice bro! So it is possible to have shirts shipped to Sydney.. Let's have a night out wearing PL shirts! LOL! Good luck with exams
  20. Zaltiar's Avatar
    haha yep it did. I dont mind. tbh I had totally forgotten about it lol. but meh, i'm happy i got em.
    I'm sending one to my friend in hk haha :P
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