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    but I'm not sure
  2. LukaTM's Avatar
    hello. I'm surprised
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  4. XghostzX's Avatar
    i feel ya Micah - interesting post to read, especially coming from you (you're the best! :P)
  5. Kanewas's Avatar
    Lol at the end He was was right
  6. Kanewas's Avatar
    Get Pigeon, all other faces are mainstream.
  7. Caiahar's Avatar
    Get canary ^-^
    By the way, did you notice many of the birds faces have eyes looking backwards? :0 cardinal and The default both look backwards. Wonder how they have so much hit when they don't look in front of them..guess no sneaking up?
  8. Kanewas's Avatar
    Why i cant blog?!
  9. MightyMicah's Avatar
    I certainly hope so!
  10. MightyMicah's Avatar
    Thanks, OldCoot.
  11. SillyJuan's Avatar
    2014 will be a better year for Pl !
  12. Oldcoot's Avatar
    I think your right
  13. Sheugokin's Avatar
    I agree.....You guys stole meh thunder.

    IMO, get the eagle or the da peroh.
  14. PL•ayer's Avatar
    Tbh, your posts are the most well written and constructive on the forums, I have no idea why you think you're unappreciated.

    Btw, get a duck face
  15. MightyMicah's Avatar
    I appreciate the love, guys! You guys are the true reasons I can't seem to stay away from PL more than a few months at a time.
  16. Sus's Avatar
    Dude I love your posts! You make me wanna play PL again :P
  17. Burningdex's Avatar
    amazing, the community does appreciate everything u do screw the trolls, thx for the shout and i agree with the balance
  18. XghostzX's Avatar
    The only reason people get upset when you argue/disagree is with is because your opinions are very compelling and strong. Don't take it personally!
  19. MightyMicah's Avatar
    Thanks, Will, I appreciate it. To be honest, though, I'm not so sure. Most of the time I feel like I speak up and everyone gets upset lol. Anyways, I'm glad you liked my observations! I imagine I'll blog some more stuff in the future about how to fix different things or whatever.

    Anyways, I will definitely give a hint soon! I'll probably update my blogs with my progress as well. It's honestly hard to contain my excitement and not give any hints because...well I'm so excited! Haha

    And hmm. Parakeet huh? I'll probably go with that. Thanks!
  20. XghostzX's Avatar
    Hey Micah, nice read. First off the community DOES like your input, I think you've recently communicated with the wrong, egoistic members is all.

    Anyways, there are some good points here. I don't do any twinking PvP from the levels you mentioned, but it seems the observations are correct.

    Want to give us a hint on the gift? xD Interested to hear what that is.

    And choose the parakeet... the name is much sexier.