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  1. The Best PvPer

    I haven't blogged in awhile...but I was having a thought today that I figured I would share to anyone who cares to read it.

    One thing I've noticed about every mmo I've ever played is that the pvp community is always full of "best" pvpers. It's almost comical how many people vie for the high and mighty title of, "best x pvper" or even straight up, "best pvper." Pocket Legends is certainly no exception to this. I'd say there is probably over 100 "best" ...
  2. Developers, developers, developers...

    What's the first thing that you think of when someone says, "developers"? If you're like me, the first thing you think of is this:

    Ok, so let's hope you're not like me.

    Joking aside, what is it that comes to mind? The first time I asked myself this question, I actually wasn't sure. The only thing I'd ever think of was the spacetime symbol. (The two blue circles with the black background.) This really got me thinking, ...
  3. Gratefulness in PL

    "This life can almost kill you when you're trying to survive, but it's good to be here with you, and it's good to be alive."

    The quote above is an excerpt from the song, "Good to be alive" by the band Skillet. My friend Nathan (Not Tessanna for those of you who knew him) showed me Skillet's new album the other day and that song is probably my favorite one on the entire album. I love it because the message it sends is one that says, "Life can be tough, but ...
  4. My first blog, pvp balance, and other news

    I've decided that the community doesn't like my input when I give it out so I decided to start blogging. That way the community can come to me if they want to.

    Today (3/14/14) I've been thinking a lot about pvp balance. It seems to me that there are a few key levels where balance is noticeably struggling. At level 20 foxes and rhinos are thriving on plat packs. At levels 30-40 bears seem to stomp everything in sight with plat packs. Birds seem to do fairly well at these levels thanks ...