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  1. B Flat Major Scale

    I've learned that some students don't like this scale. Unfortunately, the last note (counting to eight) makes it the "tunning" note. They complain that it's too high (in their register), which isn't. And some have actually complained to the principal. Saying that I'm "disciplining them too harshly!"

    As a musician, and if you wanted to play professionally you have to know how to tune. But because of the principal in the middle school (one of the 2) I'm teaching at. ...
  2. just an update

    I've been very busy with me wanting to become a music conductor/director and haven't had time off to play PL DL or even SL. But I'm loving it! And the kids love me as an assistant director, and as a full time instructor! (Yay! Me)

    Our band (and I'm proud of saying it like that) has grown in maturity for the most part. They know how dedicated I am as well as my mentor. We have had two concerts this week (one for each school I'm teaching at), and so far so good. But, this is only the ...
  3. dedication

    I'm seeing the full spectrum of what teaching music is.

    You have the rebels that are only there because they have to be, and then you have the (and, most have) talented musicians. Most of my talented musicians are shy. They don't know it, but they still mess up and try. They're coming along and learning, but they are stubborn to realize that prefect practice makes perfect.

    It's better to have a band that tried than one that failed at trying.
  4. and so it began...

    I've started a new phase in my life. I am actually doing what I love to do, and that's teaching new players how to play music. So far my students (I'm teaching at two different middle schools,) always look forward to getting to learn what it is I teach, (strictly major, and some minor scales. Along with breathing exercises)).

    They (a she!, very rarely included) learned her tuning scale, as a tubist (tuba player). Nao, I know I'm not the best, but I'm working towards my major (B.A.) ...

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  5. Insomnia

    Haven't slept, obviously the title says it all. But thought I'd list a few things I do to try and fall asleep...(I'm weird) they usually work:

    Watch cult classic horror movies
    Watch the History channel
    Read a book (I gave up on this one)
    Try to catch a ghost on camera (lol just pulling your leg, but one day I will and blah...)
    Go outside and look for UFO'S in the sky (if it's in the sky, and idk what it's a UFO)
    Listen to music (particularly Cradle ...