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  1. EVOLT'S Guide to Becoming a Merchant

    Useful Guide be Evolt =D

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    There has been many players asking me on how to merchant in CS. The straightforward answer would be to buy low and sell high, because items in CS are set-priced, no bidding or negotiating. It is quite straightforward. The only differences in the “strategies” that different merchants use are their set-prices for each item and their profit margin. I don’t believe I’m any different from Manifette, Aflame, Tankkaar, Hunzzz, or others, but here are my ideas
  2. Simple clock idea!

    Useful post by pap!

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    Hope this can help
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  3. Build Thread!

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    Just a few build you can pick and take. If you would like to leave a build of your choice, comment below and all credit is going to you.
    Please keep in mind the gear I chose is just a suggestion and you dont have to use it.



    -Lvl 10 Dex talon bear
    5 Rage, 1 stomp, 1 vengeful slash, 1 super mega slash, 1 crippling slash.
    -Gear: platinum pack helm, talon. L10 pink sled and expert or artisans armor.