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  1. Funny Chat Of The Day.

    [QUOTE=MysticalEagle;982322]Mine was this, today:

    I was walking in Kraag with the Top Player banner, and someone came to me,

    [B]Player ''hi''

    Me ''sup''

    Player ''how'd you get that banner?''

    Me ''well you know when I was your age, the birds were flying higher''

    Player ''please, don't be dumb, where'd you get it?''

    Me ''oh, my father gave it to me when I was young''

    Player ...
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  2. Screenshots of the Premium Bundles Coming In the Kraken Isles Expansion

    [QUOTE=Samhayne;975815]Here is a sneak peek at the Premium Bundles coming in the Kraken Isles expansion.




    These will be available in The Store for Platinum.

    There are other awesome armors also coming in the Kraken Isles![/QUOTE]
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  3. Normal Vanity Sets

    [QUOTE=Vystirch;930135][SIZE=4][Center][B]Normal Vanity Sets[/B][/CENTER][/SIZE]
    [Center]Sets as they are obtained and worn.

    [spoiler=Rogue Vanity Sets]
    [COLOR="#ADD8E6"]Winter's Fury Mask
    Winter's Fury Coat[/COLOR]
    Cost: 15 platinum
    Available: 2012-12-19 to ????-??-??

    [COLOR="#ADD8E6"]Steel Commando Mask
    Steel Commando ...