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  1. Cephei's Avatar
    I dont think we have to worry about capping.
    When we hav 3months time for capping and we need 40k exp for example, you just have to gain 250 exp per day to cap your main. Its just an example. I dont worry about capping :-)
  2. Zodiarck's Avatar
    Trust me you will have more then enough time I started around september 2011 and cap hasnt even been raised yet not to mention I stopped for a long course of time lol and went to pl when I,had the time but im capped anyway ^^ btw if you ever want to meet ip in sL name is of course yours truly zodiarck I also have a L40 alt exodious
  3. CodyBearr's Avatar
    sounds like now is a good time to get power leveled by board high levels haha
  4. TheChairmaker's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by I_G_G_Y
    that sounds bad
    I agree with Mitch, actually. The guild I'm in are hilarious. Most days I'll log on for half an hour, laugh for twenty minutes and play CTF furiously with my friends for ten. I've reached level 40, and I'm not intending to try and reach 41, but I still play SL pretty much daily because I like the atmosphere of my guild.
  5. I_G_G_Y's Avatar
    that sounds bad