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  1. The New Cap is just around the corner... Am I happy? Yes but I'm also a little scared

    Welcome to my third Blog!
    Im so happy Im so Happy!!!! So this is the lowdown my fellow readers and friends! New Cap.

    NEW CAP!!!!

    Magic! About time some of you will say! But how about this, I actually enjoyed the Nine months we had without a lvl cap.
    weird huh? Yeah! Very! I loved not having to worry about levelling, instead I focused on my kill count (up to 63k now)
    and loved levelling my friends up also making new friends on the way :-)
  2. Why oh why am i doing this *chuckles to himself*

    I hate my first Blog, dunno why I thought I would slide that in on the first line of my second Blog but I do.
    Honestly reading it back makes my skin crawl with cringyness, fist in my mouth motion.
    I also dont know why strangely. Maybe it was because it was my first attempt or maybe i did it all wrong and blogged about a post i kind of believed in at the time, that never really became a reality in my guild at the time <The Dead Society>.

    Either way, this is my second ...