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I will wright down some notes of my character's adventures here. I do this for fun.
Please, read from the beginning

  1. Submerged

    After my nano-surgery was complete, i was put in testing chambers on a distant submerged base. This base was chosen because my mind was blowing up almost literally if i was surrounded by more than 6 people. Doctors were saying, the operation was successfull, but i doubted it until got under the water.

    I was made a mod out of human body. My brain was taken out and put into nanomechanic exoskeleton to exclude my original human body flaws so i could use the Fast Gates. This was great. ...

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    Star Legends Fiction , Star Legends
  2. Unhuman

    I was detoxed and re-enabled physically in 24 hours. Days were passing one by one and i had nothing to do - no dreams to dream, no aims to plan a route, no wish to live. The only thing i had was a short book to read. So i read. And again. And again, again, again. By the time Colonel came i knew the right answer - the man in the book will live.

    When the door opened and the Colonel came in, i already knew why i am here and i was afraid to be mistaken. The most dreadful moment in my ...

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    Star Legends Fiction , Star Legends
  3. Love of life

    'How do you feel yourself, earthling?' - Colonel asked it as if he was clearly aware that i hated the last word. I stood up and just punched him in the face. My hand hit the air and i fell on the floor, losing balance. The next thing i remember was a white thing.

    All-white room with all-white people. And even sounds seemed white. I was somewhere - that's all i knew for sure. I passed out again.

    Next time i came to conscious in antigrav bed - floating in the air. Colonel ...
  4. Earthling

    I was happy with my plan to conquer the Universe - getting prepared - taking basic trainings, advanced trainings, extreme trainings; learning all sorts of things i knew would be useful in space - from combat stances to cruiser-class ships navigation. That time made me - myself, but not the 'self' i am now.

    I was happy until i got 20 - the age every human takes a test if he can handle 'quantuum turbulence' - the side effect of Fast Gates technology. Statistics say 89% humans can warp ...
  5. The 'Fast Gates'

    My worst fears haven't come true. The Signal was not alarming humanity about new extinction threat. Instead, it was a sign of dream coming true. This signal told us that we are not bonded to our planet anymore. It was about Fast Gate tech to be researched.

    You all know now what are those Gates - they allow us to reach the most distant corners of our galaxy in hours and other galaxies - in days. They make our contemporary world what it is now - fast, efficient, ruthless. But the time ...

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    Star Legends Fiction , Star Legends
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