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    you can choose a lot of different choices. Your GCSE choices you have for year 10 and 11.
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    will do! you heard it first, these will go up every 2 days
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    I did, thank you!
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    You're pretty awesome yourself Skeletonlord. :)

    Thank you for the kind words and I'm glad you had a great time with your time off!
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    yup, haha
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    not sure, soon maybe?
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    I liked it Lowly
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    cheers Airrie!
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    Good stuff Skel!

    :D We were on the same page today, blogging about Arcane! haha awesome
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    I know, lol it was late. I will update it when I can.
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    lowly, I ran that area, I know there is a boss there but none spawned when I joined
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    thanks Sam, got positive feedback from Airrie on the first part. have you seen the first part?
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    Good stuff, Skeletonlord. Looking forward to reading what you have to say.
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    Nice job skel doing good deeds for the community your a true AOB can't wait for next blog I will for sure stay tuned
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    thanks arrie, I like how it is turning out so far, I like it! if you have any feedback, feel free to post here
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    Really cool idea Skel! I'll be tuning in every week to see what kind of stuff you bring into the blogging world and to us players out there. :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ExperimentNebulaCore
    I like how you are making guides/ tip stuff. It will help newer players. Good job, keep working on it.
    Thanks for the encouragement, it isnt up to scratch yet, but im sure the next few episodes will be better
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    I like how you are making guides/ tip stuff. It will help newer players. Good job, keep working on it.
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    thanks guys, still planned for tomorrow, just to give you guys a brief: tomorrow The Pocket Legends Weekly #1 will begin, and we will start with character creation and the classes. Hope you enjoy it
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