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  1. Blogging Spacetime Style #28 Episode 25 Bonus(Spacetime insiders and new PL classes)

    Hi guys,

    Just a quick update! There is a new "club" for forum members called "Spacetime Insiders". All the latest news and updates will appear here.

    There will also be new Pocket Legends classes, check here :!
  2. Blogging Spacetime Style #27 Episode 24 (Arcane Legends game of the week!)

    Sup guys,

    If you didn't see the première of Spacetime ADVENTure, check out the blog here :

    Blogging Spacetime Style has not stopped, and will be continuing alongside Spacetime ADVENTure.

    Today's topic : Arcane Legends.

    As you may know, the game launched worldwide on android and chrome a few weeks back, and ...
  3. Spacetime ADVENTures (Season one) - Première Episode 1 (The beginning)

    Note - Hi guys! I decided to release the first episode a couple of days earlier for you guys, as today is December 1st!

    I found this app called Pocket Legends on the IOS App Store back in February 2011 and it was the best decision of my life. I am soon approaching two years anniversary on the 15th Feburary 2013. Isn't that awesome!

    When I first started, I was a noob. I didnt know how to do anything. I didnt know how to fight, move my character or anything like that. ...

    Updated 12-04-2012 at 11:10 AM by Skeletonlord

  4. Blogging Spacetime Style #26 Episode 23 (Thanksgiving, Christmas and new series!)

    Sup guys!

    This will most likely be the last episode of BSS until next season. Season two is going to be epic, the first one being on January 1st! The première will be amazing, and am looking deeply forward to it!

    Been getting around 10-15 views each episode, which is good! Would like to see more replies though! Thats our new target!

    So we have three topics today : Thanksgiving, Christmas and new series!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all involved! ...
  5. Blogging Spacetime Style #25 Episode 22 (Arcane Legends available now in Android and

    Hey everyone!

    Arcane Legends is now available for Google Chrome and Android!

    You can grab the game on Google Play and the Chrome webstore worldwide now!

    An iOS version and Kindle Fire version are scheduled for release sometime in December.
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