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  1. Thren's LvL41 Eng Build

    [color=purple][b]My Engingeer's (Thren's) Build @lvl41:[/b]

    [b][u]My Gear[/u][/b]

    Full Custom Ruentech Set. Replace the vest with the Tech-Priest Vestments (new pink vest for Engs). With this vest, my stats are bananas! lol

    Weapon: Primed Tempest Coil (or Custom Chaos Breather)

    Shields: Blackstar Shield (more hp), Electro Blocker (more intl), Energy Field Generator (more armor). Use whichever one you feel you need. I use the Blackstar Shield. ...

    Updated 08-16-2012 at 04:00 PM by Lady_Pebbles