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  1. Celebrate Spacetime Studios Support

    Spacetime Studios Support answers your questions, takes your requests, and helps with account problems. They do the same thing in-game. With moderators and Star Guards out there, your questions are answered and problems solved. Spacetime Studios wants people to have the most fun they can in star legends. There should be a day when parties are held all over star legends. In all the town servers. A dev or moderater will be there. People will post messages of thanks to that dev or moderator. This will ...
  2. Join the exclusiveness!!!

    I'm sure many of you have heard of the slight guild fighting between <Elite Droids> and <Project Twink>. I really don't care about that anymore. If you still don't like me then please send me a PM. I have made peace in game with many twinks. Very few still won't come to peace, but I am no longer continuing this fight. I just want to pvp. I am now recruiting for <Elite Droids>. I realized that quantity does not matter in guilds. It is about quality. Kind and helpful members make ...
  3. Got Credits???

    Do you feel like it is difficult to get a large amount of credits, or is it easy? Are there strategies to getting credits, or not? I want to know what the star legends community thinks about credits. Are they rare or common? Can you afford items easily, or do you save and save until you finally reach the amount you need? I just want to know what credits mean to different people. Personally I think that credits are difficult to get in some cases, but selling items or trading for credits can help ...
  4. Can't we all be friends? Can we resolve this?

    There have been many fights between Project Twink and Elite Droids. It is a guild war. Members have left both guilds because they are falling apart. Today I saw one of the good members of project twink join another more popular guild. Same with the Elite Droids. It could have been due to the fights. This guild war started because of the debate between Droids and Twinks. Should Droids be in Star Legends and should twinks be in pocket legends. We can not get a real opinion because only guild members ...

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