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  1. Delphina's Adventure to Washington DC!

    I have decided to write a blog about my plane ride to Washington DC. Some of you might know that I have a 15 month old daughter. For those of you who have kids my daughter is at the age where she doesn't like to sit still so I was really dreading the plane ride.

    We left on Friday the 13th (should have been a big clue that something wasn't going to go right). My daughter did great the plane ride and even feel asleep near the end. As we were approaching DC we could see the Washington ...

    Updated 09-20-2013 at 09:19 PM by Delphina

  2. My short lived time on the leaderboard....

    The other night I was invited by a few players to try to break a record on the leaderbaord.
    After only 2 tries (definitely did not an hour :wink:) we finally did it! Thank you all!

    It was short lived.... Someone broke our record an hour later. It was still fun though!

    Updated 11-16-2012 at 08:23 PM by Delphina

  3. Behind the mod Delphina & A Star Legends Red Party!

    I'm going to take the time this blog and tell you all a little about me!

    A little about Delphina! For those of you who do not know my real name is Christina and I live in Florida.
    I am 28 years old and married my husband about 6 years ago. We now have a 6 week old daughter! It is amazing how much she already controls my life and I have loved every minute of it. For the past 6 weeks she was sleeping very little during the night. That is why you might have seen me in game at
  4. Welcome to the adventures of Delphina your friendly neighborhood moderator!!

    I have decided to start a blog of my adventures in game.
    I will be posting screenshots and who knows you might even be featured in my blog.

    Be sure to post pictures of your own adventures.

    Today we had a great party in PL! We even went snipe hunting!
    I posted directions below for those of you who want to hunt snipes!

    I slapped on my water wings and the party began with a pool party at Alien Oasis!
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