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  1. ahmad firdaus's Avatar
    delphina,,why i cant p.m u,..
  2. Youtuber's Avatar
    Thank God Your Ok! Hope You Had A Great Trip Also!
  3. Akmal Norazmi's Avatar
    Delph,wat is ur guild?
  4. lorosandi's Avatar
    Glad your ok!
  5. Xvanitykingx's Avatar
    If I would of known you were going to D.C, I would of waited for you (I work there)
  6. Schnitzel's Avatar
    DC look cool
    Updated 07-19-2014 at 08:48 PM by Schnitzel
  7. iluvataris's Avatar
    Haha that would be scarey to be in that situation. Especially with a your child with you. I work at an airport a little joke we say to passengers "have an uneventful flight"
    Now that i actually think about it i would feel horrible if something did happen haha.
    Glad you guys are ok.
  8. Revealing's Avatar
    glad to hear ur all alright!
  9. Bilaxman's Avatar
    I'm glad to hear you're all alright!
  10. Roberto077's Avatar
    Glad your ok! I went to DC for thhe first time a few months back on the 4th of July. There's too much to do...
  11. Alhuntrazeck's Avatar
    wt1 in 38 seconds...i assume u blazed pass and fought only boss? Sry for necro...if blog replies are counted as em.
  12. Kwadius's Avatar
    How so quick?!
  13. Aracnus's Avatar
    Awesome Del, and i love how all the other records were set by 1 person XD
  14. Aeroflame's Avatar

    much love
  15. Azibas's Avatar
    Congrats. Delphina!
  16. Mitchturbo's Avatar
    You are Awesome Delphina :-)
  17. Dragonrider023's Avatar
    good luck to u and ur family.
  18. Rawrimafish's Avatar
    i love fishies too!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Mrbananaz's Avatar
    i love fish too! except i have fresh water tank :/
  20. Airrie's Avatar
    Little one is adorable Delphina!

    :D Loved the blog!
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