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  1. Star Legends Talent Calculator - Released

    Hey Guys!

    Now finally i have released the first version of my Talentcalc!

    Check out this thread to get more informations:

    SL - Talent - Calculator - Skillguide

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  2. How to be an efficient Partymember

    Quote Originally Posted by Hans View Post
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    1. Introduction
    2. Your position in the Party
    3. Be cautious on pulling Monster“s
    4. Use Stimpack“s on the correct time.
    5. Avoid mistakes
    6. Focusdamage

    1. Introduction

    After i reached level 41 i was decided to write
  3. Comtrix“s Credit Guide - How to get rich!

    Quote Originally Posted by Hans View Post
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    Table of Contest.

    1. Introduction
    2.Time Sensitive Information
    3.Things to Know and do Before you get Started
    4. Auction House
    4.1. Common Mistakes & Misconceptions
    4.1.1. Know the Numbers - Auction House Cuts
    4.2. Tracking Prices
    4.2.2. Supply and Demand
    4.3. Being Impatient
    4.4. Thinkin You always need to Undercut