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    well Uhhh the avengers duh the reason they would win is cuz they have a hulk and x-men got nothin. the only good x-man is wolverine
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    definatley slouch and shipyard epics have gone up in value as the drop frequency seems to have gone down but the custom sets are still worth less than the cost of all the bits plus crafting . pvp has helped a lot especially the lvl 15 twinks lab buddies and thud guns lvl 15 rates definatley worth farming still. so stash as much volreria epics as u can n hope in a couple of updates the incredibly high drop frequency plummets and cash in
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    not true. when lvl cap rose to 61 rr set became cheap. glyph mace used to b worth 1m gold, now its worth 300k after cap rise
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    so sorry! the mobile version does not show in which section a thread is if u click it from the home page
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    ahhh SL i think you might be right about that.but also its more convenient to sell them when they r fresh items never before seen. i remember the lvl 30 epic gears were 20k a piece when they came
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    Updated 02-19-2012 at 05:39 AM by Anishavie
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    Quote Originally Posted by PL Playa
    oh sorry man
    It's ok
    Your fine

    I'm talking about the other people who disagree
    Apparently they are all from pl
    So it must be different in pl
    But in SL what happens is exactly what I said
    And I'm talking about endgame gear
    Not pinks
    For pinks, the prices will keep going down no matter what
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    oh sorry man
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    Lol. Should have finished reading
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    I also have to disagree. I don't think sewer gear really ever recovered. And only demonic gear recovered because of the extreme difficulty in crafting
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    lvl 65*
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    uhh thats completely wrong...items like custom,fort,enchanted,obediance,strongman,and charmin' all felll to 1/3 of thier original price.the only near endgame sets that have retained value are the demonic sets.this is to say that the crafted lvl 66 sets have a chance of retaining value but does not signify anything for sure
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    Opz sorry..I dont see SL lol x) my bad
    I think SL future will same to PL...
    My frd stop play SL
    1,hard gain gold
    2,hard to find a team for xp run
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    I buy L65 orlok set 3.5m ┌(ㆀ_ _)┐ the prices drop to be 1,7m now ㅡ..ㅡㆀ tough price down day by day
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    oops sorry mate, dang mobile app doesn't show me it's sl vs pl. my bad :)
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    I don't know about sl but in pl it definitely goes down and stays down trust me I lost 5 -6 million on fury mega Mage and custom and the prices have never went back up.....when I look at the prices of these items now I just laugh because there was a time we paid 1 mil a piece for these items now people don't even know which ones are the good ones lol
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    This is star legends

    I have no idea about pocket legends
    Apparently the only people disagreeing are from pl
    So maybe it's a little bit different for pl

    In SL when the new cap comes out
    Old gear definitely gets a price increase
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    it was also my experience that demonic plummeted around fang, and I assume 65 sets will also being that it is much easier to get crafting materials compared to the circus having no dailies to get crafting materials. well see..
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