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Pocket Legend Stories

A somewhat long story of how I came to be.

  1. The making of Xvanitykingx (Very Short story)

    If you read my last blog, you read about the problems I faced with my guild and all the guild members leaving. If you want to know what happened next, keep reading. If you don't, I don't know what to tell you....

    After the incident with my guild and recovering my account, I found out what my friends were up to. When I got online, I saw that my friend Jakhad was on and I told him that it was the real me since I got the account back. Then I asked him what happened to the guild?and ...

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  2. Xvanitykingx's pre existence

    Back in the day when Pocket Legends was young and everyone was a noob, and my guild was so small, and the character "Xvanitykingx" was not even close to being created, back then, the best Pocket Legend years. It was the best time in my "Legends" life! Me on my main, Meleexprt, I had no friends, other than my little bro of course, until I invited a "real life" freind to play. His name was Truenino. Me, my little bro, and Truenino made the guild that is now somewhat know ...

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