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  1. Tough crowd! (Online bullying)

    Hello my small (yet amazing) group of readers.

    Today I wanted to share some tips on how to handle negative comments and deal with online bullying.

    Nearly every webpage these days has a comment section. Unfortunately everyone's a critic and it's a tough crowd!
    If you have ever felt bullied, or taken a comment to heart, listen to what I have to say.

    1. It's not personal. It really isn't ;)
    2. Don't allow it to get to you. For every 1 negative ...
  2. Rewarding the players.

    Welcome to another blog from your favorite (I hope! :p ) community guy!

    I wanted to blog about prizing this week.
    The Community peeps and I often get together and try to figure out how we can reward players. Believe it or not, giving too much has a negative impact too!

    + If your prize is too large, it takes focus away from the event and becomes all about the prize!
    + If you offer too little, your event has to be really really good, and even then the body ...
  3. What about Arcane Legends?

    Dear Journal,

    What is it about wanting something so much that you can't have... yet...
    As our devs continue to cook up Arcane Legends, each day leaves me wanting the game more! This takes me back to the Dark Legends pre-launch hype.

    What a week that was and the trailer ruled!

    I recently started thinking about the new Ambassador program for AL and how exciting it'll be to run with another new group of players. :D
    With much excitement, I ...

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  4. Inside my world

    It's Friday the 13th!

    Airrie here, and it's my first blog! I wanted to kick it off by sharing a bit about what I do.
    Just so everyone knows, as Community Manager I work alongside with Spacetime and my work IS all that it's rumored to be.
    VIP access, royal red carpet treatment and I even have a personal chef! Alright... one or all of the things above may or may not be true :D

    I'm often asked if I love what I do, and what does it take to do what I do. ...

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