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  1. markymarx's Avatar
    Airiee kinda disagree with u I mean wtheck jk. Great. Post. Accept criticism, reject hatred..ism
  2. branflakes's Avatar
    Great post
  3. Worship's Avatar
    awesome Airrie! thanks
  4. aniybo's Avatar
    thank you for having this up theres people that suicide because of bullying and if anyone that bullies read this. imagine if it was u.
  5. Skeletonlord's Avatar
    Nice tips! People will find this really useful!
  6. Commanderkeen's Avatar
    It's a dragon themed forge.
  7. Xionskull's Avatar
    btw airrie too keep in mind for next time in a competition like bootcamp, btw I loved it, make sure the players get to stay in the guild, for I was booted twice and I didn't have the motivation to join again so just-
  8. Airrie's Avatar
    Good stuff, we'll keep it in consideration! :D

    Hey worship!
  9. Skeletonlord's Avatar
    rewards. hmmm. I would like to see some new forum user titles and avatars, and in game antenna's or things like that.
  10. Worship's Avatar
    Whoops, didn't mean to press send. haha anyways: hey Airrie! Prizes could include some uncommon (but not rare) non-tradable items, so people don't get overwhelmed by the prize, but will still stay focused on the event itself
  11. Worship's Avatar
    hey Airrie!
  12. epen's Avatar
  13. Urqui's Avatar
    I'm with tyranto, totally looks like a blacksmith crafting orn (or whatever it's called)
  14. Survivorfan's Avatar
    It looks like something from skyrim
  15. Skeletonlord's Avatar
    yeah, that's what it is. a awesome picture. I haven't seen this one before I don't think.
  16. Cahaun's Avatar
  17. Rawrimafish's Avatar
    is it... an awesome picture????
  18. TYRANTO's Avatar
    that looks like the blacksmiths working place
  19. geray776's Avatar
    ooooo and it looks like a stone dragon hovering over a furnace used to craft things
  20. geray776's Avatar
    lit does look like a dragon but with a furnace belly lol it looks pretty sick I can't wait till arcane legends comes out and I have a suggestion u should make it so we can put numbers in our names or like punctuation instead of only letters
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