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  1. Tough crowd! (Online bullying)

    Hello my small (yet amazing) group of readers.

    Today I wanted to share some tips on how to handle negative comments and deal with online bullying.

    Nearly every webpage these days has a comment section. Unfortunately everyone's a critic and it's a tough crowd!
    If you have ever felt bullied, or taken a comment to heart, listen to what I have to say.

    1. It's not personal. It really isn't ;)
    2. Don't allow it to get to you. For every 1 negative ...
  2. Rewarding the players.

    Welcome to another blog from your favorite (I hope! :p ) community guy!

    I wanted to blog about prizing this week.
    The Community peeps and I often get together and try to figure out how we can reward players. Believe it or not, giving too much has a negative impact too!

    + If your prize is too large, it takes focus away from the event and becomes all about the prize!
    + If you offer too little, your event has to be really really good, and even then the body ...