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  1. Few Ideas were Cooking and waiting for action

    Those who view my youtube channel may know that I haven't uploaded much since November because of overloads in school work, computer breaking (multiple times), and my break from all Legends games. I felt conflicted to upload some new content to settle the break of uploads, so I spent a good amount of time collecting ideas for guides for the most popular game of the series, AL, and decided to create the top 3 ideas that came to mind.

    I felt as if many people struggle and/or quit trying ...
  2. Descendancy #CRANE - Lionell Crane : The Beginning of the End [Part 3/2 (Episode 1)]

    Let me clarify something, Lionell Crane is not the worst of people. He wants to obtain the unobtainable for good causes; in other words, he wants to break the world for the good of his people (Kats). Though, he isn't any normal Kat. He is neither a LASER kat nor a Kat-astrophe, but he is a bird, yes, a bird, a Robbin to be exact.

    Ya know what, scratch that crap, this guy is a total piece of This piece of crap bird blew ...
  3. Descendacny #1 - Part 2 : 2 of part 1

    As you may know, everything in PL is going to the underworld and I have not made a blog is a good old 5 or so months, so I decided to put on my thinker thing (wtf is the brain) and make magic with my nose CHOO

    The first thing that tended to happen was the invasion of PvP by people with the IQ classified as 'moron'. These people go by the name of EPVPTEEE (Every PvPer to Ever Exist Ever). Basically, what they did was PvP a lot. While this horrid decease may not sound bad, it truly ...
  4. Update as to Uploads

    So I went through a few old recordings and decided that I should spend some relaxation time doing the edits to them or just organizing them to be uploaded later on, so today I uploaded an old recording of my buddy, Jakhad capping and the whole history behind that play session. In addition, yesterday I uploaded an almost-full match of League of Legends that I decided to start recording 15 minutes into the match, and trust me when I say you didn't miss much. The match went on for a grueling 72 minutes ...
  5. Postponed

    I decided I would postpone all uploads until after this weekend. I got an email yesterday that notified me that I should do something else with the uploads and record a new game. I will be beta testing The Elder Scrolls: Online this weekend so I'll make sure to record what I can while I still have the chance. I don't have much homework that I know of (besides and easy essay) so I'll probably be playing non-stop.
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