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  1. First Run in Humania!

    Hey guys,

    So the other day, I finally had the chance to do my first run in Humania since I have to level up my lvl 66 Bird and catch up to y'all! The run was awesome and fun, had a pretty quiet team. When we beat the boss, I received a pink! I was like "WHOA A PINK ON MY FIRST RUN!!!" I don't think I ever got a pink before so I didn't know how rare it was lol. It was a staff of some tribe guy's head. Well anyway, being nice o' me, I gave the pink away to whoever needed it ...
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  2. You're Invited to Rinzler's World!

    [CENTER]Hey guys,

    I am the last of the Mods to create my all brand new fantastic blog! :D I know some of you know me since I spend a good amount of time lurking through the forums and sometimes in-game. Some of you also know me as the Tournament go to guy! Well now y'all have an opportunity to get to know me even further since I seem to be the quiet one between Airrie, Delphina and I. XD Don't worry, that'll all change soon :beguiled:.

    I plan to post my in-game and ...