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  1. Ark's Blog - The Hive & My Day.

    So this morning, I checked STS forum and I was so happy they we finally made it to 2 million!
    I got my awesome Pulse Rifle & I tried out the new Dungeon called The Hive. It's awesome, I love it . I haven't gotten any legendary weapons, but I'll get them soon .

    I made a new thread called Show Off Your Freshness! (Check it out!). I love showing what my outfits are .

    I want to spread the word about Random Acts of Kindness (AOK), it
  2. Ark's Blog - What I did today. 7/19/12

    So I'd like to talk about what I did today

    First off, I got on SL today and reserved my names for AL (names: Ark, Acid, Hugster, Misfit, and Savior). I also bought my AL shield and I love it!

    Next, I went to some new pizza place near by my house because I was starving .. The pizza I got was so huge!, they say that one slice of pizza can feed 2 people, but I tried eating it by myself and gosh... I couldn't even finish half of it! .
  3. Arcane Legends Name Reserved!

    Today, I got on and notice we can reserved our names for Arcane Legends (AL). I'm actually quite excited about AL . I reserved 5 names so far and I'm hoping it won't end up like DL. Where you reserved your name, but you still have to pay platinum to get character slots.. BUT overall, if AL is good enough I'll probably buy the character slots..

    I hope everyone reserved their names because if not, I'll steal them! lol

    Thanks for reading..
  4. Ark's Blog - Off-Topic: Movies

    So before I get off of STS forum for tonight, I decide to talk about what I did after I got off of SL (rarely happens lol).
    I decided to go to Redbox and rented out 3 movies and watched them!

    First movie I watched was The Sitter. Funny movie I laughed at the small girl name Blithe, acting all like she is a celerity and crap xD. & woohoo, I found myself a hottie in that movie . Roxanne (Kylie Bunbury, that's right, I looked her up ) is finnee xD. lolol.. BUT
  5. Ark's Blog - Second game of "The Number Game"

    This second game came out very well, better than the first game . I hope it continues to be this awesome

    The three winner's IGN:
    Afk (again)

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