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  1. Activity

    As a lot of you may have realized, I have not been very active here on the forums or on the game itself at all.

    I'd like to just inform you, no I haven't died. I guess I'm just taking a break from the game for a while, I might be back, or I might not.

    For those who wish to contact me, just send me a message. I might check back once in a while. I made many friends on this game, and I'm willing to continue the friendship further than just the game for some of them. ...
  2. Going on Vacation

    I will be going on vacation to Europe from today to the beginning of August. During that time period I will not be as active on PL or on the forums as I would wish due to iffy internet. So I wish you all a wonderful July!
  3. Personal Blog: I have returned!

    I've been super busy! Sorry that I've been gone for so long! I will be on the forums and on PL more often now!
  4. Legendary Warriors Blog #7: The LW Forum

    After several days of adding tweaks and new forum subjects, our forum has been completed. Anything else will be an improvement or addition. Once again all people from PL are welcome to join, we have a special group for people who aren't in the actual guild that are honorary members so everybody is welcome. Here's a link to help you out: Thank you all once again

    Until then guys, keep being awesome! XD
  5. Legendary Warriors Blog #6: We have a website!

    Legendary Warriors has created their own official website! Feel free to check it out all are welcome! This is not only for those in the actual guild in PL but we will even welcome those who just want to be in the forum guild! It's all still tentative and my moderators and I are still working on a lot of editing of the actual forum, but we have made a recommendations post where if you spot any errors or what to recommend something all you have to do ...
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