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  1. Skeletonlord's Avatar
    hey Juger, read this late. Nice to see you back!
  2. Oldcoot's Avatar
    welcome back
  3. Jugernugetx's Avatar
    To me it seems like AL is easier but we all have our opinions! I will stay for a while
  4. NotYoCookiez's Avatar
    AL is hard to get a hand of and even harder to make money... PL still has awesome people
  5. Jugernugetx's Avatar
    Yea getting tired of PL, come on every now and then.
  6. Schnitzel's Avatar
    I still in pl. Not much in other sts games..
  7. Destructible's Avatar
    Go AL. Many old PL players and new STS players are there
  8. Vystirch's Avatar
    Make new friends in AL
  9. Jugernugetx's Avatar
  10. Iett's Avatar
    Go Jug! haha in going to get to 75 and then do 76 right before next cap like always!!.... btw TOFF SUCKS!
  11. juggernaunthy's Avatar
    people always ask if I'm you lol! good luck im still at 69
  12. Jugernugetx's Avatar
    Thanks ill add ya later on i will be quite busy
  13. MrSokoy's Avatar
    count me in. on the same path. hit me up when u online. my IGN is Sokoy. LV70 bird with 35k exp so far. good luck with 71!
  14. plmafiaboss's Avatar
    Good way to set goalz