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  1. Whats Going on right now!!!

    This thread is for people who havent got to get into any games lately or dont really pay attention to those forums. Without further ado,
    Dark Legends Expansion!
    Pocket Legends Crafting!
    Pocket Legends Craftable items
    Star legends Infested deck event Update!
    Star Legends egg count!!
    New Bloggy Awards! Check it out!!
    <BootCamp> Star Legends guild!

    Those are all the new awesome updates for each game and one for forums!! Until next ...
  2. Whats Going on right now!

    Well figured we all needed to have all this info in one thread. Sit tight and get ready to be informed.
    Pocket Legends:
    Humania info.
    Ambassador Application info.
    New skill info
    Star Legends:
    Star Legends event info
    Dark Legends:
    Dark Legends expansion info
    No more energy system info
    Alright, thats all for now. Just a reminder for you forumers
  3. Humania polls are up!

    Tired of waiting so long for Nmyxspaceships poll contest and gave up on it? Well he came today and made the poll! Start voting, this is a reminder.
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