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  1. Reached 1k Posts!

    I am making this blog to celebrate my 1,000th post that occured in Forum Game: Ban the Person Above You

    Quote Originally Posted by Aracnus View Post
    Banned for misspelling Psychic!
    Off Topic: This is my 1000th post
    I'm very excited, and hope my posts reach ever higher!
    Forum Game
  2. Forum Game: Ban the Person Above You (The Funnest Forum Game EVER!)

    Quote Originally Posted by Rebel View Post
    So, basically you try and find a reason to ban the person above you. Have a joyous time "banning" people! (NO SPAMMING! 1 I repeat 1 post at a time. No double, triple, quadruple, quintuple, you get the picture, posting.)


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    Forum Game