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  1. The Star Legends Random Chat Thread. (Random Chat Mania!)

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    Hello!! Welcome to the one place us Star Legend players can spam, spew, chitter chatter, serve a fish platter...
    And get away with it! ;-)

    The Rules are:

    There are no Rules!

    Nah, Keep it on topic in this Thread. Punishment is Death by the hands of the song priest XD
    No Flaming other players.
    Follow the TOS and rules of this

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  2. Extreme Boss Slayers (<EBS> Rap!)

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    This is for you Mitch its a parody of Smack that by Akon Extreme style

    Drexplosion, Slayer, Upfront
    Mitchturbo, Duggy
    I see the one, 'cause it be that boss, hey!

    I feel you creeping, I can see it from my shadow
    Wanna jump up in my extreme rocket
    Maybe go to my place and just slay it like Mitchturbo
    And possibly slay you, look back and watch me

    Slay that, all on the floor
    Slay that, give me some

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