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  1. Officially ELITE!

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    Here's My 1337th Post!

    Quote Originally Posted by Aracnus View Post
    Red, you never cease to amaze me, and the rest of the forums.. I can definitely see designing for anything, including gaming in your future!

    Updated 01-16-2013 at 08:13 PM by Aracnus

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  2. Proud To Have Become A CFO (1 Mil.)

    Earlier today in SL I reached 1 mil. creds!

    As I put the CFO title on, I felt proud for achieving such a huge goal to me!

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    Thanks you to all who have ever sold to me, or bought from me
  3. History of Spacetime Studios - KLRU Capital of Innovation Video (Did You Know?)

    Quote Originally Posted by Cassric View Post
    Want to know more about Spacetime Studios, what we've done, and what we do? Check out this segment about the studio which aired on the Austin, Texas PBS affiliate channel

    Updated 08-14-2013 at 03:39 PM by Aracnus

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  4. Pocket Legends: Teaser of the Next Big Thing & More!

    Quote Originally Posted by Samhayne View Post
    If you have been closely following developer comments about Pocket Legends, you've likely heard us talk about something big coming to Pocket Legends. The announcement and news about this new development is very soon. While I don't have all the details for you just yet, I do have a teaser screenshot:

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    Besides that, there's lots more in work:

    • New Elite level 76 Red Dragon Bossfight with new drops
    • New Heroic dungon
    • New
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    Pocket Legends
  5. Reached 1k Posts!

    I am making this blog to celebrate my 1,000th post that occured in Forum Game: Ban the Person Above You

    Quote Originally Posted by Aracnus View Post
    Banned for misspelling Psychic!
    Off Topic: This is my 1000th post
    I'm very excited, and hope my posts reach ever higher!
    Forum Game
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