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  1. Rawrimafish's Avatar
    nah u were elite before
  2. Anatroak's Avatar
  3. Phantasm0162's Avatar
    Glad you made it bro i knew you could do it!
  4. Axcc's Avatar
    I would have never guessed their origins would be like that.
  5. Rawrimafish's Avatar
    same with PL, i had 1m to buy death set... also i bought 1 thrasher and didnt get that achievement...
  6. Rawrimafish's Avatar
    grats! i got my 1m at lvl 38, but this was before achievements... i got the 500k achievement but not 1m?
  7. gison's Avatar
    Woot woot! Nice !! Grats!!
  8. bangyg's Avatar
    Cant wait!!!
  9. Astrocat's Avatar
    WOW, I'm... wow.. can't believe that is how they created the Legends Games. StS, I love you!
  10. Aracnus's Avatar
    Did you guys know about this? I learned quite a bit about STS' history from this video. We are actually very lucky to have their games.
  11. Rawrimafish's Avatar
  12. Aracnus's Avatar
    It's in the next PL update Rawr (the Winter Update)
  13. Rawrimafish's Avatar
    WHAT!!?!!!?!? when is this? heard Cold say there were 2 new classes
  14. Corpser's Avatar
    will do I left pl but this will bring me back
  15. Aracnus's Avatar
    Finally, a class update -- All you Retirees, come back for this!
  16. lakersrockftw's Avatar
  17. Aeroflame's Avatar
  18. thecrankybearsam's Avatar
    Hell, I joined far before you and I only got 800 :3
    Not that active lol..I'm gonna start getting on more tho
  19. Aracnus's Avatar
    I'm on it a lot, but i don't post a lot, lol
  20. Aeroflame's Avatar
    you ARe on it a lot
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