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  1. Anatroak's Avatar
    you draw really good like the actual characters
  2. Grebebe's Avatar
    u should be proud its just awesome u are very talented
  3. Grebebe's Avatar
    incredibly well done
  4. HickeryDickery's Avatar
    Amazing,i say!
  5. Bless's Avatar
    nice art
  6. WarPain WarSpear's Avatar
    anyway u can draw the director bot?
  7. markymarx's Avatar
    agree.. u r really talented artist, gamer, and communicator. c ya in game.
  8. thecrankybearsam's Avatar
    I love when he falls
    and when you were staring at the vendor o_O
  9. Astrocat's Avatar
    Ah thanks! :)
  10. HylianSamurai's Avatar
    That is soooo cool! You're talented. I'm not.
  11. Absolute-Z3R0's Avatar
    Great work and awesome guide! I hope in the future they give us the ability to create/host games here.
  12. hibuddy's Avatar
    That matches perfectly with all the noobs out there
  13. hibuddy's Avatar
    Now i know what to look for
  14. xxxsabrinaxxx's Avatar
    286 items
  15. lakersrockftw's Avatar
    0 items
  16. zaoeflasin's Avatar
    62 items
  17. francisco's Avatar
    5 items
  18. Imperialmerc's Avatar
    I want it
  19. Zodiarck's Avatar
    Lmao that is copyright and true but instead it's better to come out with something original (lmao love that,face)
  20. georgehz's Avatar
    Hey spacetime I just wanted to let u know about the bug that keeps closing my star legends app everytime I play the new scorn lvl. Hope u can fix it thanks
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