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  1. Back once again!

    I'm back to Pocket Legends once again! I don't know how active I will be and for how long, but to keep the spark up I will create micro guides and comparison about level 15 items and mechanics. This will work as an extension for my ULTIMATE Level 15 Warrior Twink Guide but go more in-depth on a specific subject.

    I have some subjects planned, so keep an eye open in the upcoming weeks for more useful information for you and your 15 Warrior twink

    Updated 10-03-2016 at 01:38 PM by Caztori

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  2. My 'Top Three Things that Need Fixin' in PL'

    Justg recently created a thread in the PL forums called Top Three Things that Need Fixin' in PL where people are able to list their top three things they want to see a change of. Justg mentions three caveats:

    1) This is not a guarantee that we will do any of these things. We just want to make sure we are aware of the issues.
    2) BALANCE CHANGES CAN MEAN A HUGE NERF, so be careful what you wish for!
    3) This is not a guarantee that we will do any of these things (again).
  3. The ULTIMATE Level 5 Twink Guides

    I finished my level 5 Rhino Twink guide yesterday and just wanted to link it here from the blog. I also created a new thread called "The ULTIMATE Level 5 Twink Guides" which is a collection-thread for my guides. As I write, there is two out there, but I have plans to create some more!

    Here is the links I wanted to share:

    Go check them out and please leave ...
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  4. Member

    Yay! Just gone from Junior Member to Member here on the forums
    50 Post isn't much, but it is clearly a step from zero. Just wanted to share this with you!

    Got some time now so I guess I'm going to make a level 5 rhino twink guide. Hopefully it gets done tonight!
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