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  1. Arcane Legends Scavenger Hunt

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    Read these rules carefully:
    • You must be part of a guild
    • DO NOT do your daily bard quest for that day. You will need to do them as part of the hunt
    • You must be to Travelers Outpost
    • Do not share your answers with anyone else.
    • The last clue will give you a code phrase or word. You will then pm me on the forums with that phrase or word. Make sure you are logged into the forums while you are searching.
    • You only have
  2. My Journey Through Gameloft...

    So I recently bought Order and Chaos by Gameloft, okay so it was downloading for 24 HOURS! Then at the end it says "Error Downloading Order and Chaos , Error Code (403)" I was like WTF. I went to the Play Store to get a refund, I couldn't ._. Then I e-mailed Gameloft, been a week, no response, only a auto-reply e-mail.... Thegrimreaper helped me more in a hour then Gameloft did in 7 weeks. Right now I'm seeing if Grim's ideas will help. Wish me luck! ^.^
  3. The Selling of My Gear

    Today I started to sell my mage's, rouge's, and warrior's gear due to the update being soonish. I started on my mage since he was my main. I tried selling his weapon in towns... no luck. I decide to put it in cs. Moment I realize I forgot a zero and put 10k instead of 100k... it's done within seconds. Guess that dude got a deal lol , I mean like 90% off. Aggravated I continue selling and work on armor and helmet, I put right In cs (Make sure I put in right numbers). Farm an elite bael (nothing ...