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  1. xxrafaelxxbr's Avatar
    cool nice post
  2. Deathlyreaper's Avatar
    Can u make a lvl 46 tip soon??
  3. Haligali's Avatar
    okay, added the mentioned 2 pet when i added gyrm it was relative cheap, and abaddon was also available last season(its a really good pet in tombs and leveling) i didnt edited this part, hopefully he returns in tradeable egg form in the future.
  4. Dill1sHere's Avatar
    I've found that Dova and Slag are very good in Km3, but only if you are using gale, especially on the boss rooms.
    My technique is gale the first mage to the back one, fire, then light/ice (slag stun if you need to keep them stunned) and clock to finish them.
    This saves tons of times on boss rooms, and can even save you money/plat (Haze, Abaddon, and Gyrm aren't the cheapest pets)
    Ofc if you have an arcane pet go with it, but dova is a great sub for one in km3
  5. Kreasadriii's Avatar
    Slag and Ironbite also good in Elite Hali..
  6. lavecina's Avatar
    This is best starting point i seen so far, gratz for the pots.

    My ipad2 lags as hell as mage, wating time since i click, till goes makes it slow.
    now i moved to pc and gona start using my mage, i love it for farming.

    Thanks for time you are spending on this, makes it worth it.
  7. Abszint's Avatar
    I use your elite build.It is really effective in km3 and in elite battlefields also.You are right about the lifegiver skill.Thanks for your guide,I am waiting for your update.
  8. Desperoto's Avatar
    Nice guide