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  1. What's YOUR Arcane Legend: Alhuntrazeck

    I am Alhuntrazeck, one of the light blue frog-like creatures that inhabits Arlor.

    I travel the land of Arlor, stopping in at all the local bars for my daily pint of mead. I am not human; far from it. In fact, my mind is so alien, so different from yours, that if you happened to see me do my math, you'd blow your mind. For I, or rather my species, has invented time travel itself. We zoom through space and time looking for miscreants that plunder the world of Arlor. We create vehicles ...

    Updated 06-30-2014 at 08:38 AM by Alhuntrazeck

  2. Guide to Earning Gold Daily

    Hey guys, here's my first guide! I'm gonna outline some things you can do each day to earn gold every day!

    By following this guide, you can amass a certain amount of gold each day [calculations coming soon]. So be sure to follow the steps below carefully!

    NOTE: Do remember, this is not just for those new to this game; older players can do this as well!

    1. First of all, try to settle into a good routine. Don't switch times around since it will become harder ...
  3. <Destroy Them With Lazers> Guild

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    Hello all and as a Head Officer of Destroy Them With Lazers (DTWL), I'm both pleased and proud to type this thread out.

    A guild is a group of players working together, helping each other out and that is exactly what we want in our guild. Having over five hundred members, each one is hand-picked by our superb Recruiters and Officers.

    We have a simple set of rules which is:

    1. NO BAD LANGUAGE. I think that's an obvious one.

    2. DON'T BE RUDE.