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Glass Hole into the Oriverse

Logic defying, time shifting, tummy tickling, and mostly harmless. Forget the proverbial box.

  1. The Mother of All Reinventions

    Been a while. Tried a few more games but everything slid off like... off a hot buttered pan. Spliced a couple of new ones up for Youtube but never uploaded. MMO burnout is real.

    Somewhere in the backdrop within the few years, Konami drops Kojima harder than the bass on some ubiquitous Armin van Buuren track. Square EA's soon follows. Then another Japanese dev gets dropped. Then the Danish team for Hitman. And then and then and then. Crickes. Been watching as all the big ...

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  2. Over Twelve Attoseconds of Love

    Dear Loyal Friends, and also to my Fans,

    Thank u for being here with me. I've got a lot of PMs over time about whether I will make more gaming videos on my channel . The answer is yes, I will.

    If you're reading this - we may never have met, but perhaps something about my work/videos resonates with you. Somehow, our passions, our dreams, our memories connect us across space and time, and somehow that old familiarity gives us a sense that our lives ...

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  3. The <Chosen> - Playground of the Inner Rebel

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    28 Oct 2015

    -- Transmission from True --

    Dear everyone. I'm writing this posthumously (lol). I've honoured my word and haven't played the game since I deleted my avatars. However despite having kept my silence all this time, I do feel that I should at least post something private.. to give a bit of closure to anyone who's searching for it.. and to speak up for those who supported me. In doing so I'm speaking up for myself as well.

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