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  1. goodbye sts

    Bye all. Had fun in the game and the community. You wont seeing me here and in game ever again. Thanks to all of you. To all my friends here and in game thank you so much. You know yourselves.

    My reason? I cant tell you. Sorry.

    Again, Farewell. Goodluck to all of you. Keep playing. Godspeed.

    Updated 06-12-2013 at 03:47 PM by Justg

  2. Im starting PL game :))

  3. Im going 3rd year!

    Waaaa June is coming! 3rd year life is near. Major subjects all the way~

    Parasitology , Microbiology, Histology, Hematalogy, AUBF,Clinical Chemistry, etc.

    Should I stop playing? I'm on a dilemma right now..

    I'm suggesting my parents to go to a boarding house near my school so I can't play here in our house. I'm just a PC addict. I can't resist playing if I see a PC. Darn. How to overcome this? :/
  4. Beastmaster title! All 36 pets.

    How to get BEASTMASTER title!

    Collect all these 36 pets from stable for you to get the title.

    Guapo,Barney,Timber,Precious, Rocky, Cinder, Dauphin,Jahooty, Alejandro, Bop bop, Chase, Bismark, Abigail, Deston, Frost, Dart, Deary, Flounder, Ceralla, Tankton, Koko, Aspen, Blight, Nexus, Hazel,Esteban,Meep moop, Shiloh, Granite, Ribbit, Horton, Colton, Flap jack, Loki, Kettle and Malison

    credits to: iluvataris

    Updated 05-06-2013 at 07:46 PM by Greencrow

  5. How to make AL fullscreen in browser. The easy way.


    Normal AL browser link is just like this ->

    But if you add -> [ /?w=value&h=value ] in end of the link it should adjust , it depends on your monitor size.

    Ex: My monitor size is 1400wx900h . So, I just added those values in the link. It should look like this
    -> h ttp://

    note: I spaced ...

    Updated 05-06-2013 at 07:46 PM by Greencrow

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