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  1. Just more motivational stuff

    It is that time of year again, graduation. All around the world, institutes of higher learning are sending graduates off into the real world. This video recently came across my social media feeds. It's a pretty good one. It's also pretty close to home since the Univeristy of Texas is just a few miles from where Spacetime is. Of course, since the gent giving the Commencement Address has a day job in the US Military, some people can't see past that. If you can, you might find the 20 minutes ...
  2. Thinking about a Career in Game Development?

    Ahh, Spring. Many different thoughts come up as winter starts to thaw. Around this time of year, I start to get some out of the blue messages from younger generations thinking about their future and the possibility of making a living in the Gaming Industry. Here is one such message:

    Hi Sam,

    I don't want to disturb but i really would like to know your opinion about a issue.

    I am a boy of 19 years schooling in italy and my dream is becoming a game designer.
  3. Shoot for the Stars - Dare, Prepare then Jump!

    I'm kind of a sap for motivational stuff. I've had those somewhat sappy motivational pictures as office decoration at one time or another. Stuff like:

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    So yeah, I go for that stuff. I also read Copyblogger (a website I highly recommend for anyone who is in the business of creating content). So when I saw the below piece, I just had to share it out. My hope is that someone may read it and help give them the spark to do something epic ...
  4. The happy secret to better work - TED talk on happiness

    TED puts out some very thought provoking stuff. I really liked this presentation, because it is funny and it got me thinking. And he talks about unicorns. :D So, I thought I would share it with you all:
  5. Have an Awesome 4th of July!

    The building that Spacetime Studios has offices in flies a big 'ol Stars 'n Stripes. Every day I drive under it, coming and going, not really giving much pause to reflect on it. The other day I had my sunroof open and as I waited for oncoming traffic to thin, I looked up to see the flag snapping in the wind. I took a picture with my phone.

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    Everyplace has its story, every people a history that they, in some way, belong to. I'm pretty ...
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