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  1. Party at Four Eyed Jacks [VIDEO]

    Community Moderator Delphina was hanging out in the swamps at Four Eyed Jacks place having fun with players this Easter Weekend.

    Thanks everyone who came out to join the party!

  2. Happy 404 Day! (April 4th)

    Ever wonder what that 404 error is? Why do websites pay homage to April 4th (4/04) all the time?

    I thought you might find some fun with this article telling all about 404!

    Geek Trivia: 404-letter words

    The time has come to celebrate yet another of those all-too-unrecognized geek-centric holidays (which I may have just made up): 404 Day! Every April 4th,
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  3. The Music behind the Dark Legends Video Teaser - Lauren O'Connell Rocks!

    We've had a few questions asking who is singing "House of the Rising Sun" behind the Dark Legends Teaser Video we recently released (click here to watch it on G4TV . Lauren O'Connell is the artist that we licensed the track from. She's pretty awesome. Check out the full track on YouTube at: ...
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  4. Who doesn't love a pet picture thread?!?

    Whee, pets! Our furry (or scaly or feathered or whatever) friends that make life oh so much more interesting :)

    Thanks for sharing, some neat pictures in this thread. I had to pile on with a couple pictures of our lovable wheaten terrier, Jazz. Here she is walking by the sunny San Francisco Bay (just before we moved to Austin to join the Spacetime Team):

    Name:  jazz1_sm.jpg
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    And here she is checking out the new baby crib before our first child ...
  5. Hello World!

    Hey gang,

    Just a quick hello to introduce the latest addition to my family:

    It is a boy! Andrew William, 7 lbs 9 oz.

    Name:  Andrew.jpg
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    He had his eyes open and was checking out this crazy world he has just entered. Mom and baby are doing well. I'm checking in from the hospital and see that the Community Team are taking care of things around here nicely.

    I hope you all enjoy the holiday content coming out as ...
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