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  1. Spacetime Studios is Hiring Top Notch Game Developers!

    Do you love MMO's? Are you excited about where mobile gaming is going? Are you an experienced game developer? Spacetime Studios is looking for you. The studio is seeking top notch Programmers, Artists and Designers as we continue to grow and build great games!

    This is your opportunity to join the team behind the groundbreaking fantasy mobile MMO [URL=""][I]Pocket Legends[/I][/URL] and the epic mobile sci-fi MMO [URL=""][I]Star ...

    Updated 07-26-2011 at 11:25 AM by Samhayne

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  2. Spacetime Studios Foyer, More E3 Stuff and Sneak Peak to E3 Event

    [URL=""]E3 Expo[/URL] starts up tomorrow and runs through Thursday, June 9th. We have some in-game fun scheduled as JustG and Cassric will be playing both [I]Pocket Legends[/I] and a beta build of [I]Star Legends[/I] from the booth. Those who run into them in [I]Pocket Legends[/I] will for sure recognize them :)


    Be sure to follow[I] ...

    Updated 06-06-2011 at 12:27 PM by Samhayne

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  3. The Spacetime Studios Romper Room & E3 Pocket Legends Pins

    [QUOTE=Samhayne;314645]A little video blog for you today, broadcasting from Spacetime Studios' very own "Romper Room". In this segment, we take a look at some of the goodies our Marketing Team will be taking with them to this year's [URL=""]E3 Expo[/URL].


    [URL=""][/URL][/CENTER] ...
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