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  1. What About YOUR Guild?

    Its been a month or two that I've been outside of my home guild, Darksiders, where I served as a senior officer. I never have stepped outside of DS for a whole year. Recent changes to the guild were not to my liking, so I decided to step out to take a break. But I think I'm going to head back, and fix things for the guild. Because I really like them, and theyre missing the important value of friendship and family. We've been extremely focused on guild rank the past couple months and lots of people ...
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  2. Short Story of my Life

    Hi guys behind the commotion of the forums xD

    My home was Darksiders, and I want to make it my home again soon. I've had a lot of memories, despite the fact that Arcane Legends is a game, I feel like I've learned quite a few things (good things lol).

    My absence of being in Darksiders as an officer is finally getting me, I couldn't help but to sneak in through the back with my alt to watch the egg games with my friend. Whether my presence was desired or not, I was watching ...
  3. Merry Arlorian Christmas!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays to all!

    It's almost going to be a year since I started to play AL. What a slow progress, but I've done it! My goals are (nearly) complete!

    I'd like to thank all whom have talked to me In-Game with a conversation or a simple "Hello!". It really makes my day to see someone new with a whole new personality or people with similar ideas to mine.

    And of course, I dearly thank those whom I've made friends in Arcane ...
  4. Victory of Darksiders

    Quote Originally Posted by H2N View Post
    Congrats! Darksiders made the top 50 list this week (2013-08-14), and you will be shocked-and-awed at where you ended up in the listing. Stay tuned for the official listing post coming soon.
    Well, we've done it! We're #8 top guild in all Arcane Legends! I am so proud of my guild. We were #51 just last week. All that recruiting and AP fill ins paid off quickly. You can see the guild ranking this week here: ...
  5. ^^/ Blog Article #2

    Couldn't think of a better title ^^;

    But anyways... Omg it's 2:17 am! I'm writing this for...yesterday. Again, I'm writing blogs because I love blogging. (AL Blog!)

    Well, Oedid, and the rest of the Darksiders are pleased to say that we have grown 10 more people from yesterday which reaches the total of 250. Our goal is about 300 by the end of the month. At this rate, we'll get there in no time! ^^/

    Since I'm a little bored on AL.... I decided to go elemental. ...
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