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  1. Wagerin

  2. S> HORRORIFIC STAFF 100gl %HP %STATS/ TRADE FOR Red Arlor Cap (mage)

    Quote Originally Posted by Droidkani View Post
    I'm selling my horror staff auto 9.9m, leave your offer. Or trade for red arlor cap(helm) mage. c/o is 8.5m.

    -100% gold loot

    -1% all stats


    -2% ignore mana cost

    ign: Droidmcpefryt
  3. Wow memory lane!

    Quote Originally Posted by Almohada View Post
    I have a ss too
    Name:  sdsfsdfsdf.jpg
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  4. /New/ The Adventures of the arcane mayhem legends! Comic Series #1

    Quote Originally Posted by Flamesofanger View Post
    Hey guys, hope you're having a good weekend.

    Enjoy this small little comic i've put together and introducing a new system that could be used to help new players out and even veterans.

    Translations Of Some Of The Dialogues:

    Staff: Look at this new mage staff.

    Sword: Looks awesome

    Green arlor warrior opening his wallet for the taxi ride: What?

    Green arlor warrior throwing a cup to the bunny of a thousand skulls: You are

    Updated 09-27-2018 at 06:52 AM by Flamesofanger

  5. Crazy how time flies..

    I can't help but looking back on this blog and reminiscing how different I was, how the world was a couple years ago. Time's like a sleeping cow that got spanked on the behind, sending it into a full on stampede. It just doesn't stop man. I was 12-14 when I started blogging on here and four years later, I've returned to cremate the remains of my old self. I can't help but look at what was on my mind, the basis of my existence, was revolving around a videogame and such insignificant stuff like making ...
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