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  1. How Event Crates & Chests Work During the Ursoth's Assault Event

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    In the coming Ursoth's Assault Event, there will be new bosses, new items, new quests and a lot of new fun!

    Part of that fun will come in the form of Chests and Crates. Here are the details:

    Event Chests
    There are two different kinds of Event Chests that can drop during the event.

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    Entangled Chests can drop from the first 3 bosses and contain things like armor, items,
  2. Goblins retreat

    So the time has come for a comparison between what I expected to happen and the facts.

    Warrior: 67 Tokens, 440 Points
    Rogue: 62 Tokens, 370 Points
    Sorcerer: 55 Tokens, 350 Points

    I did actually achieve gold tier on all three classes, but it was all during the final 24 hours of the event. I ended up running into Payne 4 times, got 6 energy drops, no legendary event drops and one toon didn't complete the wanted questline. Only one of my toons was able ...

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    Arcane Legneds
  3. Warriors are overpowered?

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    what if hes using jugg and venge and heal hmm? ^^
    worthless and endless unless he doesnt know how to use it ;p
  4. New guild <spry>

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    Weird a level 30+ guild trying to recruit twinks

    yes as shadowcreeper said. Us officers have twinks that's why we include twinks into the guild so as when we feel like rummiging and causing chaos in pvp we can. I myself have 2 twinks. 1 extremely fast rogue, and 1 high healthed tank to back up incase someone gets all worked up and tries to kill everyone, I can come in and keep my men from racking up deaths.

    I am truly sorry that you
  5. Goblin Event Official Suggestions and Feedback Thread

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    Dissapointed, i have spent all my gold on this event (600k) on energy, now i know for some ppl thats nothing but for me that was a lot of farming. In the end i have nothing to show for it asides from the vanity and ironbite and a ring that i cant even sell, 1070 points but no chance of making leaderboard at all. Seen Gyrm drop for others still none for me yet its the only thing in event even worth trying to get, should have just spent my gold on Gyrm and would still have change. very sad that even