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  1. AL - Final Bug List.

    This is the last update for this list. I pasted it here because a lot of people were asking why they couldn't see it. That's because I pointed out a bug in the spoiler html tag and made use of it here (which hasn't been fixed yet, months later, surprise surprise).

    Original Thread:

    ---------------------(Click the Read More at your right, it's a long post)------------------------------------------

    Updated 12-16-2015 at 10:19 AM by Madnex

  2. HOW TO BE MERCHANT (moved soon to AL guides)

    Quote Originally Posted by Rendtails View Post
    Hello guys, my name is Rendtails. I've been playing Arcane Legend since 2014 but vacuum for college. In this thread i will teach u what i get in selling disciplinary for almost 2 years.

    Contents in this thread:
    1. All about merching.
    2. What u can do to merching.
    3. How to be a good merchant.
    4. How to avoid scam on merching.
    5. Auction game.
    Check this out!

    1.All about merching.
    - Do
  3. Hotfix | 12/11/15 cool thanks

    Quote Originally Posted by Remiem View Post
    We were able to determine that one of the new Juggernaut changes, responsible for the scaling on the base ability and "Bring it On" upgrade was the cause of the frequent game crashes that players have been experiencing. To resolve this, we'll need to roll back these changes temporarily until we are able to implement a fix. Here's what will change:

    Things that are rolling back:
    The base juggernaut ability will return to 300 uncharged, 500 charged instead of supporting
  4. Lighting Bolt

    Charged lighting bolt hve 25% chance of multipel target bt it never work , sometimes it work in watchers tombs and under lvl 30 maps bt never work on elite ren'gol or planar tomb like these hard map....why is that ??
    And please increse chance to 50%

    *sorry for bad english*
  5. The artist formerly known as Xorrtherogue.

    Hi there,

    I'm no longer known by that moniker. I used to have another name as a rogue but people got confused, they used to pm me and I used to tell them I'm Xorr the rogue, that's how I got my name as Xorrtherogue, but alas no more.

    I've got a new name, if you recognise me just say Hi. That reminds me I need to change my forum sig.